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About Me

a brief history of me and what I do...


About Me...

Andrew Zoric

I am a web developer; I freelance, consult and generally love the web. My specialty is front-end programming, UI/UX, mobile and multimedia.

For more information please peruse my Resume. [ PDF | Doc ]

For a better feel of my design experience, I have an ever increasingly out-of-date PowerPoint Design Portfolio as well.

Coding examples

a few samples of my < hack:/ > and stuff like that...


Code Examples

If you can't take my word that I'm a top-teir web developer, here's some examples of my work.

  1. InfiniLube.com
    This site is done completely in CSS. Sure there's a little JavaScript in there too, but the CSS is the important part. It's a very cool use of div positions that works so well the site looks the same on mobile devices like iPhones as it does on a desktop browser!
    [ InfiniLube.com ]

  2. jQuery, CSS example
    This single page application randomly chooses an eatery at Easton for you. Perfect for making decisions quickly. I built this originally as a challenge to see if I could build a pure CSS circle. Then I animated it, then I added a random number generator to it. The result is a fun way to decide where to eat.
    [ Live Demo | new window/view source ]

  3. React Demo
    My demonstration of React.js. This code example of a working beverage rating system that allows you to choose a beer give details and ratings.
    [ live demo | gitHub link ]
  4. Client List
    An example of displaying large amounts of data in bite-sized format. This much information presented in a traditional grid format would easily overwhelm and confuse the typical end user. The point of this was to allow someone to look up any specific data, compare that to any other item in the list and make the process as intuitive as possible. Instead of drinking from the fire hose the data is presented in a more efficient way.
    [ live demo | gitHub link ]

  5. Armor Paving and Sealing Work in progress site. This rebuild of their existing site is fully responsive using fully customized CSS (written in SASS). The site features breakpoints for desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes.
    [ WIP Site ]

  6. A Futile and Pointless Demo Everything is better with lightsabers, even web pages. A fun example with a CSS lightsaber effect
    [ new window/view source ]

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